No Flu shot today


Oh well I was really hoping to get a flu shot today at my Chemo Doc’s…dont spread the word…but

my breathing has gotten a bit worse after 4 weeks of incredible health…and she’s worried about

another infection…and so am I, so I guess I;ll just have to wait and see what happens…not my best

Chemo Friday…

I had to go for a Maxi pic rather than a Minipic today…the sky was just so Beautiful

Two for one on Thrusday


It’s been a good week, my lung Doctor is pleased with what he hears, air moving thru my

right lung…and finally an end to steriods……My chemo Doctor is more than pleased

and now I see her just every other week and can now get a flu shot….

Oh we know this is not the end of this cancer…its type always comes back (barring a traffic accident)

but for the time being….Life is Soooooooooooooo Good….

It was a good Friday

It's time

Seems I’m in a boring time of life….my exam went good, my blood work was “normal” life

is good…and in my condition boring is …good.


On another note our red leave reminds us the seasons are about to do that they do best….Change

this past week the high temperature day was 93…today should be 60…the rollercoaster towards autumn

has begun…..

A Normal Chemo Friday

The Shadow

Like my friend the fly…seems its time for me to make me a shadow of my sickly self…..

My immune system, or lack of one, is the cause of all these other illnesses and that leaves me

with two choices….live like a hermit and pray I don’t get ill…or live the balance of my life and

damn the inconveniences of an occasional hospital trip…well I’ve decided….Look out Hospital

I’m done sitting at home!!!!

So where have I been….

Daisy field

Seems cancer and all that surrounds it is not black and white or even a defined shade of grey

I’ve been ill, hospital style ill, lung infections, pneumonia and more dead good cells than bad

my immune system came close to failing, I was reduced to a human with IV lines, montors

and no contact with the outside world……makes you wonder, when will this happen again.

To chose living life confined to my house or choosing to live among the living and risk the

condition of my questionable immune system…it really isn’t a grey decision its purely black and

white…to live or exist….I’ll chose life…the next time you find me absent you’ll know where I’ll be

but…I’ll be there with a Smile.

Yet another “follow up” today

Not yet resize

I hate to sound this way….but seems to me “follow up” visits for the most part are a waste
of resources and insurance money. This will be my 4th “follow up” with this particular doctor and to be honest nothing has changed, and if I did notice a difference I would have started with my Oncologist…I see her evey week as part of treatment…sometimes I just don’t understand ..and you wonder why health costs are so high….



The daisy opens its face petal by petal slowly coming to life for the world to see and rejoice at its beauty.

Friday my life was like the daises, a new petal had opened and it appeared many more to follow

My PET scan came back….my Oncologist in her best bed side manner, simply put a “Smiley Face” on the bottom…..It is clean…..I have life extended,